Why are Oreos called Oreos? No one knows for sure. One suggestion is that the name Oreo is Greek for mountain.  It was said that in early testing that the cookie resembled a mountain. Another suggestion is that the French word for gold is or. No one knows for sure. We do know for sure that Jesus rose from the grave. We just celebrated the resurrection. Easter Monday is known as a time to laugh because the grave has won no victory. The Sundays after Easter are called the Sundays of Easter so let’s enjoy the Easter season.


The pastor was invited over for dinner and asked to lead in prayer for the meal. After the brief prayer Junior said, “you don’t pray so long when you’re hungry do you?”


A misprint in the church bulletin read “The choir will sing, I heard the bills on Christmas Day.”


The pastor preached a very short sermon.  He said my dog got into my office and chewed up some of my notes.  A visitor said, “If your dog ever has pups please let my pastor have one of them.”


Senior Saints News


Come and have some fun at our next Senior Saints luncheon on Friday April 19. Bring a sack lunch. Desserts will be provided the program will be announced later.

Continue to enjoy the Easter season.  May God bless you with his Easter joy.  Let us pray for each other.


In Christ’s love,

Pastor Rich