St Paul Newsletter



St Paul Officer and Board Nominations and Elections


Your timing may be perfect … to support your ministry through Officer leadership or Board participation!!


We are so privileged to be a part of God’s family. Each of us has been given many gifts to help build His kingdom. Now is an ideal time to answer the call to serve and support the St Paul ministry.


As members of St Paul Lutheran Church we are collectively responsible to provide leadership and support in establishing and sustaining an effective ministry environment through:

–        Participation and support of our Church’s operational needs and constitutional requirements

–        Engagement – leadership, Board member and support (volunteer)


In preparation for our December 8th Elections, the Nominating Committee is actively compiling candidates for our leadership and support positions – targeting November 24th to provide the list of nominees for the Congregation’s prayerful consideration.


If you are interested in becoming Officer or Board member nominee, or to suggest a candidate, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee: Brian Logan (503-705-1299), Cheryl Ramirez (503-625-5217), Myrna Miller (503-537-6666), Jeff Shipman (503-537-8169), Tim Grace (503-583-3519), Bill Hesse (503-860-2089), Rick Bell (503-969-5907), Walt Meinhart (503-351-1201)