Family Sunday School: A new format which started this year for teaching God’s Word to kids 1st grade and up and their parents. The class is between services in the Connect Center. I teach it primarily with Nick Hues as my backup. The lessons are based on the readings for the day from the lectionary. This helps reinforce what the lessons for the day mean to us.


Preschool & Kindergarten Sunday School: A traditional Sunday School for preschool and kindergarten aged children. Kathy Prehm and Carol Vincent co-teach this class in module B using a pre-school aged Sunday School curriculum from either Group Publishing or CPH.


Adult Christian Education Hour: A traditional Bible study, Lutheran Confession study, or Christian topical study held in the church basement. Pastors Kiessling and Meinhart teach this class between services.

On and Off-site Bible Studies: Many of you engage in the study of God’s Word together either at the church, in your homes, or at coffee houses throughout the week. These include three separate women’s Bible studies, a men’s mid-week Bible study, and a home Bible study. The texts and topics vary and change over time. Check the back of your Sunday worship bulletin for a complete list of times and places these studies take place.


Confirmation: A family approach to Confirmation which can lead to parents being confirmed in the church as well, since they are required to attend with their children. This year Confirmation is being held every other Sunday, from 12:15 to 2:15 pm. I use Timeless Bible Truths: The Illustrated Small Catechism and other family-oriented confirmation material from CPH.


Daily Religion Lessons: “One in Christ” from CPH is the school’s daily program for teaching God’s Word. It’s age/grade specific, consisting of multiple units; up to 108 separate lessons starting with Creation in Genesis and ending with Revelation. It roughly coincides with the Church Calendar and helps reinforce what the kids learn in church and Sunday School.


Chapel: A mini worship service for the school kids, their parents, and church members. It happens every Wednesday during the school year at 8:45 am in the sanctuary. I lead twice a month, while pastor Nathan Brandt assists once a month, and the faculty leads once a month. This year I’m using “Chapel Talks” from CPH which is based on Luther’s Small Catechism.