Greetings in Christ Jesus!

A woman who lived beyond her three-score-and-ten years had been in the habit of having a birthday party every year.  Her friends and relatives remembered her with little gifts which were usually in the form of knick-knacks for the house. Upon reaching the age of ninety, she was asked what she wanted for her birthday.  “Give me a kiss,” was the reply, “so I won’t have to dust it.”

As life changes, so do our needs.  The older we get, the more we see the necessity to down size.   Maxine and I are thinking about that now.  But there is one thing we cannot do without. That, of course, is our Christian faith.  With Jesus we have all we need.  Lent, my favorite season of the Church year, starts next month.  We again experience the suffering love of Jesus. What love!

He paid the debt of our sins and rose that we might live.

Our next Senior Saints luncheon is Friday, February 21.  Bring your favorite sack lunch or your least favorite and exchange it with someone else.  Beverages and desserts will be provided, that is if you are good and finish your lunch.  Our program will feature a special speaker explaining Medicare.  There are changes you should know about.

Remember to watch the ground hog to see what the weather will be like.

May the Peace of God abide with you!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Rich