Greetings In Christ Jesus from Pastor Rich

Wow how fast time travels.  Summer is gone.  But we have exciting things ahead for us.  We are in the remodeled education building. Thanks to all who made it possible.  Now we have a Senior Club House.  This is a special place for seniors to gather for various activities.  We are starting slow.  Our first gathering is October 19.  It will be an open house for you to see and share what you would like to happen. Myrna Miller and Mercy Vosseler will serve as hostesses.  They will be there from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.  Come anytime.  You can bring a sack lunch and eat with them if you would like.  The Center will be open every Wednesday at 11:30am-3:00pm.  On the 26th we will have Spook Day in preparation for Halloween.  The preschool will take a special picture of you.  If you dare, come in some kind of spooky outfit.

On November 2, we will celebrate The Reformation.  You are always encouraged to come at 11:30 with your sack lunch or come at 12:15 for the program.


Ok Zeke is pestering me so he can say something.

Hi folks,

I am so excited my tail is shaking up and down. I have officially moved into The Senior Club House.  It is awesome.  Many thanks to Carol Vincent and Jill Richard for cleaning, painting and decorating the clubhouse plus furnishing various items.  Thanks gals for setting up my new pad!  I look forward to seeing all of you at the Club House. Thanks to the Trustees for letting us use the building.  Also, join our Coffee Klatch by putting your name on one of the mugs in the coffee cup rack.  We hope interest will grow and we can expand our hours.

How about a little humor? We all agree that we should exercise.  Seniors need to exercise to stay active and healthy.  Here is a special program for seniors.  These strenuous activities do not require physical exercise.

  1. Beating around the bush
  2. Jumping to conclusions
  3. Climbing the walls
  4. Swallowing my pride
  5. Passing the buck
  6. Throwing my weight around
  7. Dragging my heels

That is enough of those…maybe more next month.  Did you hear about the little boy who prayed:  “Lord, if you cannot make me a better boy, do not worry about it.  I am having a real good time like I am.” I will turn it back to Pastor Rich. –Zeke


May God bless us as we enjoy the beauty of the fall season.  Psalm 105:3 “Glory in His holy name, let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.”

May you rejoice in the love of Jesus!


Pastor Rich