Dear friends,


Some churches have these sayings for New Year’s on their sidewalk signs:


  • Changing calendar…Unchanging God!
  • God can make all things new—even you.
  • Jesus adds life to your years, and years to your life.
  • New Year, same God.
  • New Year promises? God never breaks his.


These are just a small sample of the many quotes I found. Interestingly, the majority of New Year’s sayings churches put up on their reader boards have to do with us doing something for God. I tried to find ones where it says God does, or has done something for us. There are a lot less of those! Maybe that’s because for most of us Americans, we believe in working to receive something, and that mindset permeates into our Christian world view. As Lutheran Christians, I wonder what we could put on our little reader board near the old school house for the New Year? I like, “Keep Calm, the Lord Will Fight for You.” This is a take on the popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster from Britain before the outbreak of WWII. But it says two good things: it says what the Lord does for us, and our reaction. Perhaps it’s a good thing to remember for 2014. There will be challenges ahead, some we can faintly see already, and others we have no clue about yet. But God is with us, and defends us throughout all trials and temptations. Sometimes we fall and get injured, spiritually and physically speaking; but our gracious Lord is there to pick us back up and forgive us. With this in mind, Jill, Alex, Aaron and I wish you a happy New Year of peace and protection from our gracious God, who loves each and every one of us dearly.


In His name,


Pastor Don