I thank my God in all my remembrances of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel form the first day until now. (Philippians 1:3-5) 

Dear friends,

I certainly don’t think I’m in the same league as Paul but from the verse above I can relate to what he’s saying because I thank God every day for you. In addition I’d like to thank those of you who served the church as officers, board members, employees and volunteers in 2015. Of course every time I do this I run the risk of forgetting somebody but I’m going to try and be as thorough as I can here. My heartfelt thanks to:

Elders: Jesse Ramirez, Craig Anderson, Marcus O’Sullivan, Rod Veeman, Earl Ficken

President: Dan Zabel                          Vice president: Brian Logan             Treasurer: John Prehm

Office manager: Jennifer Snellen                     Office assistants: Ellen Kulle, Breanna Heath

Secretary: Loraine Baker                                                                 Financial secretary: Karen Baldwin

Counters: Karen Baldwin, Margaret Hampton, Larita Pederson

Pastoral care: Richard Kiessling, Walt Meinhart                     Organ: Frannie Moss                         Praise Team: Charlotte Karvia, Jeff & Karen Shipman, Donna Henley, Brian Villar, Jill Richard, Claude Hampton, Jeff Zachritz, Jason & Amy Ann Schmidt, Tyler Veeman                       

Sound: Chuck Gollnick, Nathan Shipman

Acolytes: Lowal Labahn, Bill Burda, Alan Halstead, Kristen Johnston, Alex & Aaron Richard, Brenna Jonhston, Taysha Veeman, Sam Wiedemann, Kianna O’Sullivan, Joey Burda

Bell ringers: Lowal Labahn, Sam Wiedemann

Greeters: Ethel Simpson, Fred & Dot Buss, Dan & Kay Divine, Dave & Barb VanWinkle, many others I can’t remember who!

Ushers: Bill Burda, Bill Benz, Lowal Labahn, Bill Hesse, Joey Burda, Erwin Schlichting, Glen Wetzel, Charlie Jagow

Altar care: Marilyn & Charlie Jagow, Susan Zabel, Debbie Grace

Sunday school teachers: Greg & Lynn Bingham, Carol Vincent, Kathy Prehm, Jesse Ramirez

Bible study: Walt Meinhart, Richard Kiessling

Kitchen: Dan & Kay Divine, Marilyn Jagow, Walt & Norma Meinhart, Larita Pederson, many others!

Board of Education: Steve Perone, Bill & Addy Hesse, Regina O’Sullivan, Brian Logan, Lynne Robertson                               Preschool teachers: Kathy Prehm, Amie Jones, Teacher: Kim Bell

Preschool Aides: Cari Blanchard, Diana Burda,         After school care: Diana & Jane Burda

VBS Coordinator: Jennifer Gatke

Board of Children, Youth & Family Ministry: Toni Veeman, Talia Johnston, Greg Bingham, Cyndi Perone                  Youth Group at Symposium: Talia Johnston         Youth leader: Kristen Johnston

Quilters: Shirley Case, Zenina Davis, Lydia Hylton, Marilyn Jagow, Carla Hannaford, Faye Hallauer, Margaret Wachlin, Carol Nemish, Debbie Wetzel, Cheryl Long  

Hope Diner: Kathy Beach, Donna Henley

The Springs: The Shipman family, Donna Henley, Frannie Moss, Richard Kiessling

Prayer Shawls: Carla Hannaford, Cheryl Ramirez                          Elections: Brian Logan

Website: Crissy Garstka                 Groundskeepers: Dennis Brosowske, Claude Hampton, Charlie Jagow, Tim Grace,          Library: Earl & Mari Jewel Ficken               Flowers: Ray & Arlene Lucas

Wedding coordinator: Debbie Grace                               Women’s Tea: Karon Heineman,

Special service liturgists: Tyler Veeman, Kristen Johnston, Alex & Aaron Richard

Senior Saints: Richard & Maxine Kiessling, Walt & Norma Meinhart

Ed. Bldg. renovation: Carol Vincent, Ray Lucas, Chris Tranquill, Jim Wiedemann

Trustees: Mike Marlett, Tim Grace, Charlie Jagow 

Board of Outreach: Crissy Garstka, Walt Meinhart, Tiffany Piscitelli, Jennifer Gatke, Karen Shipman                                     Grill: Dave VanWinkle, Paul Heinemann & more!

Flag detail: Jadon & Levi Bingham              Cemetery sextants: Alan Wachlin, Mike Conzelmann

Plus, there are several who lent a hand when something needed to be moved, set-up, or put away: Dave Johnston, Brandon Herbst, Steve Oaks, Kit Irelan, Tim Grace

Some of you made phone calls and visited members: Margaret Umland, Ethel Simpson, Claude Hampton, Dan Divine, the Burda family, Jesse & Cheryl Ramirez, Jill Richard, Carol Vincent, and many more!  

I thank you also for your Christmas cards, generous gifts, and your continued love and support for my family. May the Lord bring you joy, peace, and abundant blessings in 2016!


Pastor Don