The Season of Pentecost has arrived.  We just spent a half year looking at the life of Jesus.  Now we have a half year to examine our lives, as how they relate to Jesus.  As you do so, may God bless you, on this adventure.  Life is a journey.  How many times have you traveled around the Sun?  It depends how old you are.  It takes a year to go around the Sun. I spend most of my ministry visiting with folks that have made that journey many times.  We know that we do not have that many  trips left.  Traveling around the Sun is an adventure.  The Earth is traveling around the sun at the speed of 67,000 miles per hour.  Each day you travel 1.5 million miles through space. Wow!  That is fast.  What an amazing God!  More amazing is that God sends His Holy Spirit to earth to live in each of us.  We get to share His love with others as we travel.  When our journey ends here, God takes us to the greatest adventure of all, eternal life in Heaven with Him!  Let us invite others to join us in Heaven.  Jesus came to earth to bear our sins that we might be forgiven; so that we can join Him in Heaven when our journey is over here.  Jesus loves you; and He asks you to share His love with others.  Enjoy your travels this Pentecost Season!

Ok time for senior humor.

An older couple went looking for a new car.  They were taken back by the prices of a compact car.  He said that is the cost of a big car.  The salesman said! If you want economy , you have to pay for it.

There was a goose flying south for the winter who flew past a senior center and was so frightened he got people-pimples.

A senior was asked whom will your wife vote for in 2016?  He said, she will vote as I vote.  And whom will you vote for? I have not asked her yet.


What is a woodpecker?  A knocking bird.

What is a wolf?  A big dame hunter.

What is a Zoo?  A place where wild animals are protected from people.

Old timer:  one who can remember when the wonder drugs were mustard plasters and castor oil.

Night gown:  A nap sack.

Ok enough is enough!

May you enjoy this Pentecost Season as you travel around the Sun.  May the Holy Spirit fill you to over flowing with His love, so you may share with others.  God bless

In Christ’ love,

Pastor Rich