Lent is here!  A time to reflect on God’s mercy and love for us.  Lent prepares us for Easter.  Without Lent we miss the true Joy and Celebration of Easter.

I encourage you to worship on Wednesday during Lent.  There are two opportunities for you.  If you don’t drive at night or are not available, we have Noon service for you.  We start with a soup lunch at 12 noon followed by worship.

Our Lenten Service will have a special guest visitor with us.  Come and visit with Calaphas, High Priest of Israel.  He will explain to us why it was necessary to put Jesus to death.  Don’t miss these visits of Calaphas!


NOTE:           There will be no Senior Saints luncheon this March.


May God Bless your Lenten Season.  May you grow closer to Jesus and his love.


In Christ

Pastor Rich