Greetings in Christ Jesus,

Jesus Christ is Risen! A joyous Easter to all! Yes, we are still in the Easter season. Easter lasts for 50 days. We continue the Easter celebration until Pentecost. Easter is about joy. Jesus paid for our sins at the cross and rose from the grave. This means we have Eternal life. Therefore we are joyful Easter people. God is also joyful because Jesus made it possible for us to spend eternity with Him. Rejoice – Jesus Christ is Risen!

As we become older, we all the more face the fact of the shortness of life here. So our joy is knowing we will live forever. The aging process is not easy. The aches and pains increase. Our ability to get around becomes more difficult. But because of Easter we look forward to ultimate joy.

For information on the next Senior Saints Luncheon, see article from Pastor Walt below.

Smile, Easter Joy to you!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Rich


The Senior Saints will meet in the Church Basement from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm on Friday, May 16th, for their monthly “Bring Your Own Lunch” gathering.   Norma and Walt will be the hosts and coffee and punch will be provided.

The topic for this Month’s meeting is:

What every Retiree Needs to Know aboutMedicare and Medicaid. 

The presentation will cover very important questions such as:

*What are Medicare and Medicaid;

*How do they differ;

*How and when may one qualify for one or the other;

*And, when may the U.S. or Oregon State Government claim or seize someone’s assets?

We invite all seniors or other retired members of our congregation and the community, as well as anyone else who may have interest in this topic, to join us for lunch and for this important discussion! 

Remember to bring your own box lunch and also dessert to share with the others!!!

Walt Meinhart