Greetings in Christ Jesus

The robins have arrived!  Spring is on the way!  Daylight is longer!  What will the groundhog say?  Does it matter?  Not really.  What matters is what God has to say. He reminds us that He is with us no matter what the weather.  He will not leave us or forsake us.  May February be blessed with love for you!  How about we be Valentines to each other? 

On January 29, one of our seniors, Lydia Hylton, celebrated 100 trips around the Sun!  Congratulations and Happy Birthday Lydia! 

The Senior Center is rocking!  It happens on Wednesdays at noon.  All who want to rock are welcome.

Maxine and I thank all who remembered us with cards, gifts, and giving to the pastors offering.  We appreciate all of you at St. Paul.

May Jesus and His love be with you!

In Christ’ Love,

Pastor Rich

 Hi folks,  

I just got back from my trip South.  I visited my rodent cousin, Herb, the groundhog.  I advised him not to come out on February 2.  Do you agree?  Ethel Simpson brought me some church bulletins from a Lutheran church in El Paso, Texas.  Thanks Ethel.  If you are traveling and worship some place, I would appreciate a bulletin. It is interesting to see what goes on elsewhere.  You can always bring back Pepper Jack cheese too.  I enjoy different areas where it is made. 

Our friend Jane has some smiles to share.

So until next month, love, Zeke

In my home town we got a building with a thousand stories. It’s called the library.

Jonas was a minister for over 50 years, but last year he was put out to pastor.

Jane came out to the living room with her hair in curlers. “I just set my hair,” she told her husband. “Great! What time will it go off?”

What does penicillin call his mom’s sister?   “Anti-Biotic”

How do bacteria communicate with others?   With cell phones