Jesus Christ is Risen!  It is by this proclamation that we live.  This is the core of who we are.  In this we say, “Yes.”  The word yes means that it is so.  In old English it means “so be it.”  Because Jesus Christ is Risen, we too will rise.  “So be it!”  Because Jesus Christ is Risen, it mean that sin, Satan and eternal death in hell have been defeated.  So Be it!  Our cry is “yes” to Jesus.  May the joy and good news of Easter be with you.

More activities are coming to the Senior Center.  Like to play cards?  Want to have fun with some folks?  Watch for news in the future, coming from Karon Heineman.  She is starting Karon’s Kards.  It will be a fun time to be with others, laugh and sharpen your brain.  Check the Sunday Bulletin for the day and time.

Enjoy the May flowers, sunshine, and weather..  God Bless you all with his love.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Rich

Hi Gang,

Wow!  More people coming to the Senior Center.  The seniors come for lunch on Wednesday, and tech training on the 2nd Friday, and now Karon’s Kards are coming!    Remember when you come – it’s Pepper Jack!

The Monday morning after Easter was a day of humor and jokes to laugh at the devil.  He was defeated at the cross and overcome at the resurrection.

 So here is some humor to give you a smile.

You know you are old when you take Mountain- Climbing lessons to get into bed.

You know you are old when you wish rocking chairs were battery operated.

You know you are a senior when you avoid Jell-O because it’s too tough to chew and shakes less than you do.

How do you spot an old optometrist? His glass is half full of teeth.

The new cocktails for Seniors: Gin and Panic, Fuzzy Vision, Ginfizzel Out, and Milk of Amnesia.

Who needs a gym membership?  At this age a person can work up a sweat just trying to get the peanut butter sandwich unstuck from the roof of your mouth.

That’s enough for this month.   Have a great day!    Love Zeke,


We are planning an afternoon of fun with card games at the Senior Saints center on Thursday, May 16, 1-3pm.  Open to anyone who would enjoy a couple hours of laughter, fellowship and snacks.  Games planned include Pass the Ace, 6 Hole Golf, Hand and Foot and Pinochle  … a chance to play a game you already know or learn something new.  You are welcome to invite a friend(s) to come with you.  Please let us know you plan to attend so we can prepare for refreshments and game supplies. You can call/text us at 503-330-7448.   Look forward to playing with you –  Paul and Karon Heineman