Greetings in Christ Jesus

When you say “Welcome” to someone you are saying, “I am glad you are here, I approve, I accept you”. I now say to you, “welcome to the Advent-Christmas Season.”

It’s that time to welcome Jesus as Savior and to look forward to His second coming to receive us into heaven.  Christmas trees are appearing in windows and lights on houses.  The lights remind us that Jesus is the Light that came into the darkness to be our Savior.  Indeed, “Welcome Jesus.”

In a recent Reader’s Digest article there was an article about laughter.  It pointed out that one can laugh yourself smarter, because humor builds brain cells.  It can enhance our well-being.  So if laughter can make you smarter and happier, find time in your day to laugh.  This is why we laugh a lot at our Senior Saints gatherings.  Come join us for a healthier you. 

If you prefer a day time Wednesday Advent Service, join us each Wednesday at 1:30pm at the Senior Center.  Our devotional thoughts will prepare your heart to reflect on your life journey.  We will learn from the faith of the women in the story of Jesus’ birth and how they lived lives of influence. 

Welcome to the Advent-Christmas Season.  Maxine and I pray that all of you have a joyous celebration of Jesus’ Love for you!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Rich

Hi gang,

My Christmas stocking is hanging by my door at the Senior Center.  Remember PJ.  That is not pajamas.  Paul and Karon have been remembering me with PJ.  Pastor Rich always tastes it first.  I am happy the Trustees installed the new heat system.  It keeps me cozy.  I am learning a lot about Technology from Pary.  I have learned to play golf at Karon’s Kards.  You all are always welcome to come to these events. 

Since Pastor wrote about laughter, here is healthy time…

The older you get, it’s funny how you have seen it all…done it all…and can’t remember any of it. Your knees buckle, but your belt won’t.  An answer to how you’re feeling can take all afternoon.  Your back goes out more than you do.  Everything is over by the time you find your glasses.  Exercise is a dirty word.  Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate. 

See you at the Senior Center?

Merry Christmas! 

Love, Zeke