WOW is it really June?  The older you get the faster is goes. This month we begin the Pentecost Season.  That means we focus on our walk with Jesus.  We just finished the walk Jesus took for us. This summer take time to relax and spend time with your Lord. 

The Senior Wednesday luncheons will continue through June.  In July and August we will meet on the second Wednesday and have Holy Communion. 

At our Wednesday gatherings we help each other face life as we journey through it. We discuss topics like: health issues that affect seniors, humor that keeps us healthy, and political issues that affect us. 

Our Senior Center is undergoing new improvements.  Thank you Trustees!  More about this next month.

Zeke, our church mouse, resides at the Senior Center.  Here he is…

Hi Gang,

Summer is here!  Enjoy!  I will spend this summer in the grove living under the outdoor chancel.  Watch for me on Sunday mornings. 

Remember to bring me your worship bulletin when you are on vacation or traveling. Pastor Rich gave me one from Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit, Michigan.  Why was he in Detroit?  Something to do with tigers.

On the third Thursday come learn new games with Karon’s Kards at 1 pm.  Last month Karon brought P.J. (aka Pepper Jack).  Tech class will resume in the fall. Now it’s time for some smiles to enhance your happiness…

Customer: I can’t eat this soup.  Waiter: I will call the manager.

Customer: I can’t eat this soup. Manager: Sorry, I will get the Chef.

Chef:  What’s wrong with it?       Customer:  Nothing, I just don’t have a spoon.

Life is like a shower. One wrong turn and you’re in hot water.

Sign at cemetery entrance:  Due to a strike, grave digging will be done by a Skeleton crew.

Do you know why sardines are the stupidest fish in the world? They crawl into cans, lock themselves in, and then leave the key on the outside.

Keep smiling! Love, Zeke

God bless your summer with His love and peace.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Rich