“Happy Thanksgiving” that is what many say will this month.  It is a good greeting.  Think about it.  Happy is a good attribute.  When you are happy; you are thankful.  Happy creates thanksgiving.  The reverse is also true.  When you are thankful, it makes you happy.  We are happy because of who we are.  We know we are loved by Jesus.  Jesus became our substitute on the cross.  We, as thankful people, can say “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Our Senior Center is a place where people gather to be happy and thankful.  Join us on Wednesdays as we practice being thankful and happy. All this happens because of our loving God.

 Maxine and I say to you, “ Happy Thanksgiving!”

Hi gang,

I went to Montana with Pastor and Maxine last weekend.  We were there to celebrate the one hundred years of Grace Lutheran Church.  Pastor and son Mark shared the sermon.  It snowed while we were there!  There was a delicious dinner which had p. J. It is good to be back to my dwelling in the Senior Center.  Come and see me.

 Time for a Senior smile.

A Senior TV network would feature:

Saturday Afternoon Live

The New Adventures of Old What’s His Name

How I Met Your Grandma

 Law and Order:  Get Those Kids Off My Lawn Unit

The Price Is Right If I Can Use. A Coupon

Happy Thanksgiving!