Greetings Everyone!

The days are getting shorter, more darkness.  Daylight Savings time ends this month.  Clouds and rain will be here.  Winter months bring sadness for some.  There is more depression in winter than in the summer.  But November is also Thanksgiving month.  Our nation gives thanks for the bountiful blessings that come from God.  Thankful hearts help to overcome the darkness and depression that we may face.  The good news is – the days will get longer and the sun will shine.  Remember the SON is always shining.  God in Jesus loves you.

There will be no Senior Saints luncheon in November.  However, mark this date – Friday, December 6th will be our Christmas luncheon.  Check the Sunday bulletin for more details.  In October we had a great time celebrating Oktoberfest.  Come December 6th for some Christmas joy.

Seniors – be alert to Healthcare fraud.  Scam artists work every day.  Never give your Social Security or Medicare Card out over the phone or to a stranger.  Medicare does not call or visit to sell you anything.  Keep in mind – if you get a phone call that sounds too good to be true, just hang up.  Don’t get caught in a scam.

Now for some senior humor:

Three Elderly Sisters

Three sisters, ages 92, 94 and 96 live in a house together.  One night the 96 year old draws a bath.  She puts one foot in and pauses.  She yells down the stairs, “Was I getting in or out of the bath?”

The 94 year old yells back, “I don’t know.  I’ll come up and see.”  She starts up the stairs and pauses.  Then she yells out, “Was I going up the stairs or down?”

The 92 year old is sitting in the kitchen table having tea and listening to her sisters.  She shakes her head and says, “I sure hope I never get that forgetful.”  She knocks on wood for good measure.  She then replies, “I’ll come up and help both of you as soon as I see who’s at the door.”


God bless you with His love and peace.


In Christ’s love,

Pastor Rich