(St. Paul Church’s Announcements to Read and Know)

A warm “hello” to all of you this Fall season! May the peace of the Lord be upon you as we move forward into Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, and the New Year.

I am excited at the many things going on at Saint Paul: the Education Building renovation is well underway—I can hear Jim Wiedemann’s saws and power tools in the distance as I write this. Our junior confirmation classes have begun with four new students. They are reading Luther’s Small Catechism and asking really good questions. I am encouraged by the solid foundation they already have in Christ, and look forward to guiding them along as we explore the Christian faith in more detail. Someday soon our youth will be out on their own, and the lessons learned during Confirmation will help them keep their eyes fixed on Jesus. Please keep our confirmation class in your prayers. I am also starting a new member class called GodConnects prepared by Lutheran Hour Ministries. If you know someone who would be interested in learning the basics of Christianity and what we believe, invite them to this class. It starts Sunday November 8th at 9:40 AM in the Connect Center and will run for four weeks.

I’m also looking forward to Advent as our services will be a little different this year. We have agreed with the Yamhill Cantata to alternate performances between us and St. Francis Catholic Church, so this year the cantata will be at St. Francis on Friday, Dec 18th. What I’m really excited about though is a youth-led Advent service on Wednesday, December 16th. This will be a worship service with your favorite Advent and Christmas hymns, with the readings and message given by the youth of our church. You don’t want to miss this! Transportation will be arranged if you don’t drive at night. I’ll have a sign-up sheet in the sanctuary for you for the next several weeks if you need a ride. The December calendar in next month’s newsletter will have all the special services and times during Advent and Christmas.

Jill, Alex, Aaron and I thank you for your continuing prayers, encouragement, and support. We ask God to pour out His blessings of peace, comfort, and hope in everlasting life in Christ, upon all of you this Thanksgiving.

The Lord be with you,

Pastor Don