Outreach Board Meeting

The next Outreach board meeting will be at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, January 2nd in the St. Paul Library. This meeting will provide an opportunity for both the outgoing board members and incoming board members to meet and discuss past Outreach, Inreach and Missions events and discuss goals for 2013. We will also set the meeting schedule for the upcoming year and elect a chairman and secretary for the year. Please plan on attending if you are a past Outreach board member, a current outgoing member, one of our new incoming board members or if you’ve just got ideas that you want your Outreach board to consider. This will be a great opportunity to discuss what’s been working, what hasn’t worked and what we think might work in the future to reach the community of Sherwood. It will also be a time to discuss and plan various opportunities for fellowship within our family of brothers and sisters at St. Paul.

Feel free to email cramirez60@comcast.net<mailto:cramirez60@comcast.net> if you have any questions or would like to provide your ideas for potential Outreach/Inreach opportunities in 2013.