Greetings from Outreach!

As we get closer to Easter, we want to make sure you are aware of the fun activities coming up:


  • March 2nd, Lenten Soup Supper
  • March 9th, Lenten Soup Supper/ Outreach Meeting
  • March 16th, Lenten Soup Supper
  • March 23rd – fill eggs with candy for hunt
  • March 26th, Easter Egg Hunt
  • March 27th, Easter

Thank you to everyone who participated in the annual Fish Fry! It was a great way to start off the Lenten season.

Speaking of Lent, the Lenten Soup Suppers are still going on.  These are a fun way to spend a meal together before participating in the Wednesday services.  Thank you to everyone who is helping set-up and a special thank to to everyone for bringing wonderful soups, breads and desserts! Please keep them coming, your efforts are appreciated.

The Lenten Soup Lunches are also going well for those who prefer not to drive at night such as Senior Saints. Wednesdays during Lent are filled with fellowship and worship at St. Paul, that’s for sure!

The Board of Outreach usually meets the second Thursday of every month at 7pm in the Church basement.  But as you can see, we will be enjoying a soup supper while we meet in March. We invite you to join us!  Of if you can’t make it, please reach out to an Outreach member with any thoughts or needs you may have.  Your board members are: Amy Schmidt, Ellen Kulle, Kathy Prehm, Jennifer Gatke, Walt Meinhart, Tiffany Piscitelli, Larita Pedersen, Crissy Garstka, Karen Shipman and Pastor Don.  All are welcome to join us, help in upcoming events and share their thoughts.  Blessings from Outreach!