In 2012, meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the first Wednesday of every month in the St. Paul library.

So what does the Outreach Board do???

The Board of Outreach is responsible for in-reach, outreach, and missions.

What is In-Reach?

In-reach is focusing on and nurturing our congregation’s members. A few main areas are:

  • Fellowship, coming together for support, comfort, and fun (yes, usually food is involved!)
  • Assimilation of New Members, welcoming and integrating every new member into our church family
  • Labor of Love Directory, promoting church and school family businesses.
  • Starting soon… In-reach missional projects

What is Out-Reach?

Out-reach is sharing Jesus with our community and attracting new people to St. Paul. Ways we do this are:

  • Greeters and visitor follow up
  • Welcome packets
  • St. Paul website
  • Publicity (banners, newspaper ads, etc.)
  • Robin Hood Festival booth and prayer booth
  • St. Paul School Ministry Fair
  • Presence at Easter egg hunt and Live Nativity

What are Missions?

Missions are those that show God’s love to others in our community, our state and the world through service & financial support.  Some of the missions St. Paul does are:

  • Hope Diner
  • Good Samaritan Sunday
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • St. Paul food/gift card assistance
  • Mission to Grace & Mercy churches (Juarez Mexico)
  • Wash Jo – Mission of Hope (Kenya)

Do you have an idea for some fun fellowship activities? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Drop your idea off in the Outreach mailbox (copier room in Education building) or contact Cheryl Ramirez (503) 625-5217 or ).

Stop by an Outreach meeting (all are always welcome)!

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