A.C.T. – Always Carry Three…..one for you and two to give away!

On our trip to North Carolina in January 2012, we stopped in LaGrande, Oregon for gas.  The attendant asked how we were.  Dan always asks people “how are you doing” or “how’s your day?” The man answered “glad to be here!”  He went on to explain that a year ago his house burned down, but that his family and animals all got out safely.   A week later he had a heart attack.  His daughter with Type 1 diabetes had a blood sugar level over 800.  He said he knows there is a God as he and his daughter are proof.  I gave him a pocket cross and he thanked us.  Later, at dinner, our waitress asked about our day.  We told her we were traveling.  She said she would pray for our safe travel.  We gave her a pocket cross also.  Story shared by Dan & Kay Divine

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