In September 2008 we posted to St. Paul’s web site the following:

“From our closets to God’s heart … may the prayers of God’s people be like a sweet smelling sacrifice before His throne.  Interest has been expressed to develop a multifaceted prayer ministry to meet the needs of the family of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School.  It’s in the planning stages and we need your input for developing several different concepts of prayer support that will honor God and be a blessing to both ‘pray-forer and prayed-for’.  “

A few years later … we are well into the development and implementation stage of prayer ministry.   Beginning in the fall of 2008 a number of people committed to meeting on Wednesday mornings to spend approximately an hour praying for our church and school and the families they represent.   It’s an informal time of prayer.   We use a prayer list that includes the needs listed in our church bulletin each week and other needs that are added, as prayer is needed.   Our format begins with a devotion and includes prayers of worship and praise; confession; submission; petition for direction and healing; thanksgiving and ends with the Lord’s Prayer.   Some pray aloud, all of us pray silently at times, we read prayers together or individually … all with the goal of spending time before God’s throne in a way that is comfortable for all involved.

The prayer list is used in several ways.   Our pastors incorporate parts of it into Sunday worship.  It is distributed to those who participate in Women’s Bible study and e-mailed to approximately 65 people in our church and congregation.   All with the goal of a united effort to keep our St. Paul Church and School  family lifted up in prayer.

It has been exciting to see how God has answered our prayers … not always giving us what we want when we want it … but always giving us what He knows is best when the timing is best.  We serve an awesome God who fulfills His promises.

We welcome everyone who has Wednesday mornings (11 – noon) open to join us in the library if you want to be a part of group prayer.   I’d love to put you on our e-mail list … both so you can receive the list each week and to give you a contact for adding your prayer needs.

You can contact me at or call me at 503-625-6365 if you have any questions.

Thank you for seeking God’s direction for how He wants you to be a part of this prayer ministry.

Karon Heineman on behalf of the Prayer Ministry