Greetings all and especially Senior Saints,

  Wow – can you believe it?  Another year has arrived.  The older you get the faster it moves.  That is until you try to get out of your recliner and your legs and knees don’t want to move.
  It is my prayer that God will bless you in 2012.  He will because He is a God who likes to bless His people.  When you know what the future holds, we can live joyfully in the present.  As Christians, we know our future.  Because of Jesus, when we exit this world, we will live in His presence.  No more aches, pains or problems.  Because we know this we can have a joyful present.  Thus 2012 – no matter what it brings – will be a good year!  Happy New Year!
 Don’t miss our first New Year Senior Saints Luncheon.  Mark your calendars for Friday, January 20th.  Bring your favorite sack lunch and a white elephant gift (something that is useful, but you don’t need anymore).  And yes, bring yourself.  Why?  Because we are going to have a peanut auction.  You will receive 50 peanuts and we will auction off the white elephant gifts.  You will pay with peanuts.  It will be fun!

In February we will eat out.  Yes out – at Cedar Creek Assisted Living Center.  Christine says they will host a free lunch for us.  We look forward to their hospitality.  Instead of them coming to our place, we will go their place.

Thank you for your prayers, kind words, your Christmas greetings, cards and remembering us at Christmas.  God bless you all.  Maxine and I wish you God’s peace in the New Year.
 In Christ’s love,
 Pastor Rich