You are invited to attend the Sisters Bible Study Fall Course of Study Wednesday mornings from 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the Coffee Cat at 107 S College in Newberg. This 8 week Bible Study from Concordia is called, “Bless These Lips”  “This Bible study addresses the prevalence of negative speech and encourages us to choose God-pleasing words. By giving voice to our faith in a forgiving Savior, we influence others in our workplaces, homes, and communities.” ((Concordia Bible Study Catalog, page 6)

I am anxious and ready for this study for two reasons. First, although I have daily examined myself, I think I could be more honest with myself.   In the Large Catechism, Luther talks about the fifth petition and says, “This petition is concerned with our poor miserable conduct. Although we have the Word of God, believe in Him, obey Him, and submit to His will…yet we do not live without sinning. …we live in the world among people who sorely vex us and give us occasion for impatience, anger, revenge, and so on, we stumble every day and overstep our bounds. We also…have Satan coming up from behind to close in on every side and aim his attacks against all our earlier petitions. Amid such constant conflict, it is not possible always to stand firm.” Second, while it’s absolutely critical to get rid of negative speech and behavior, we need to replace the behavior with God-pleasing words. This Bible Study holds the promise to do help with both issues, repentance and positive action. We pray that you will join us on this journey as we seek to have a positive influence in our lives and the congregation.

Please contact Maxine Kilcrease 971.241.5070 or Susan Zabel (503) 554-0350 if you have questions. The study guide will be provided at no cost.