Dear friends,

The first day of my summer was spent with some of our youth at Canon Beach, hearing the entire Gospel of Matthew. This is the third year now I’ve done this, and so far every year I fail to put on sufficient sunscreen to prevent sunburn. There’s something deceiving about the beach in June: the sun beats down yet the cool wind coming off the ocean makes me think I don’t need to put lotion on. Sunscreen is like armor though; we all know it shields the skin from harmful rays. The Word of God is armor for the soul of the Christian. It protects, shields, and guards the soul from the attacks of the devil. I’m glad our church is one which emphasizes God’s Word over other things which we could get sidetracked on or be deceived by. I look forward then in continuing our study of Romans during adult education time. In past years we have taken a break from Bible study during the summer, but this summer we’ll keep going until we’re finished.

Last summer we modified our service times and Mission Festival date. This caused some unintended confusion, so this year Mission Festival will be on the last Sunday in July as usual, and our service times will remain consistent at 8:30 in the sanctuary, and 10:45 in the grove. The only thing different this summer will be the Wednesday evening campfire services. It’s been noticed that the campfire services start out strongly attended at first, but by the last week in August only a few participate. So this year we’ll have three campfire services starting July 25th, running until August 8th. In the Lutheran Church year, we normally have midweek services only during Advent and Lent. So I encourage you to take part in the three campfire services we’ll have this summer, and put on even more armor in God’s Word.


I write all this to you from Camp Lutherwood in Cheshire, Oregon. It’s our state’s only Lutheran camp, and kids from all over have come here for a week of Confirmation instruction by their respective pastors. I’m here supporting the counselors and staff. My time is limited so I’ll sign off now. Please pray for this camp and its staff. It’s been a great place for growing in faith and spiritual formation since the late 1950s, and I would hate to see it go away. I’ll be bringing our own Jr. Confirmation class here in August.

The Lord be with you, and may your summer be a blessed one.

Pastor Don

No Matter what our age, we can share God’s love with others.  Remember – God loves you.  He desires that all of us are together in heaven.  If we believe in Jesus as our Savior, we shall live in Heaven.  We have this blessing to look forward to.

God bless your summer with His love!  Be sure to tell someone about His love.  Remember to carry a cross in your pocket and give it away.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Rich