Greetings in Christ Jesus,


In the last several months, we have had some of our members go to eternal life in Heaven.  It is wonderful that we as Christians have the promise that we live forever.  St. Paul in Romans 5:25 assures us that the sacrificed Jesus makes us fit for God.  Jesus sets us right with God.  I am glad that I can share this good news with family and friends.


I have had the honor of doing The Commendation of the Dying, for two people recently.  I urge you to have this Rite when a loved one is near death.  It is truly a blessing for the one going to heaven as well as the ones gathered around the loved one.


I pray that your summer is a time of renewal.  It is always good to have a change of pace. The next Senior Saints luncheon will be our summer picnic.  The food will be furnished.  Mark your calendars for August 21, noon in the Grove.


Time for a smile:

By the time a man can afford to lose a golf ball, he cannot hit that far.

Wife: I have changed my mind.  Husband: really, how is it working?

Soon a dollar-pincher will mean the same thing that a penny-pincher means now.

A reporter interviewing a man who was 99 said, I hope I can come back next year and see you reach 100.  He replied, I am sure you can, you look healthy enough to me.

No wonder women live longer than men, look how long they are girls.


Ok that does it for this time.  Rejoice in God’s love this summer.


Pastor Rich