I had much to text to you, but I would rather not tap on my smart phone with my fingertips. I hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face. (3 John 13-14)


Yes, I’ve updated the verse above from 3 John to sound more like today’s world. As I write this newsletter article to you, I’m on my first day back after a two week vacation. I feel like I’m starting all over again in some ways. I’m way behind already in preparing for this Sunday (which will most likely have passed by the time you read this) and VBS. I would also imagine you’re going to expect me to write something about the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage. I’ll wait on that one. The thing is only a few days old and it’s too early to tell yet what the practical ramifications are for St. Paul. There’s plenty of initial reaction to read on the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s website www.lcms.org .

Another thing that’s on my mind right now is this whole texting thing. Sure I do it, mostly to coordinate shopping and transportation for my wife and kids, also youth group activities, and some church business. But while on vacation I noticed a lot of young people on their phones texting. I realize it’s nothing new. My kids are doing it, but not quite as much it seems as some. They don’t walk down the street tapping on their phones, and we have a rule in our house: no texting friends past 9:30 PM and not from their bedrooms. Still, what chance do they have in this world for successful relationships, especially with girls, when a great deal of communication these days is based on texting? I haven’t figured that one out yet but my wife tells me not to worry about it and not to worry about the other things—the Lord will see us through it all.

I certainly need to remember that this summer. With VBS imminent, Mission Festival, and Confirmation Camp coming up, and the marriage thing, I need our Savior’s guiding hand now more than ever. I would think you do too with all you’ve got going on. And through it all, I hope to see each and every one of you face to face, at the very least to be able to say hello, catch up a little bit on how you’re doing, and give you God’s blessing.


Peace be with you,


Pastor Don