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Hanging Baskets for Mother’s Day

by admin

Dear St. Paul Lutheran Church members and friends, The St. Paul youth are selling hanging flower baskets to help raise money for some important youth activities!  These flower baskets are beautiful and make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. The baskets are 10” and 12” mixed hanging flower baskets for sun or shade.  The price […]

January 2013

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Dear friends, First of all, by the time you read this newsletter, I will, with God’s healing, be mostly recovered from the worst head and chest cold I can remember in my lifetime. It really set me back during the week I was supposed to be working full steam on our Christmas services. While it […]

September 2012

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From Pastor Don…   Earlier this summer I was at Ping Pong’s Pint Size Puppet Museum in Portland to see a friend  direct a marionette show he’d written. During the performance one of the puppeteers lost his grip on the controller of the marionette he was operating, and it fell onto the tiny stage. In […]

Summer 2012

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Dear friends, The first day of my summer was spent with some of our youth at Canon Beach, hearing the entire Gospel of Matthew. This is the third year now I’ve done this, and so far every year I fail to put on sufficient sunscreen to prevent sunburn. There’s something deceiving about the beach in […]