Yes, we are making one change:  The weekly bulletin will only mention our financial need of $6000 per week occasionally. You have spoken. But you have also read the truth. In omitting the phrase from our weekly bulletin notice, we want to demonstrate how warm and welcoming St Paul Lutheran Church and Preschool is truly.

Besides plate offerings, how else can you and your family give? Planned giving benefits are numerous when creating your gift plan. Above all is the opportunity to practice true generosity and Christian stewardship.  This is done in joyful response to what the Lord has done for you. Also, it allows you to make the very best gifts to family and ministry.

The easiest planned gift — designating St Paul Lutheran Church & Preschool as a beneficiary*

Perhaps the easiest way to share the Gospel and leave your legacy is by including St Paul Lutheran Church as a designated beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of your:

  • Life insurance policy
  • IRA, TSA or other deferred plan
  • LCEF Certificate
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  • Other equity asset

Other ways to plan a gift:


A bequest is also one of the easiest planned gifts and is usually a component of your will. Your future gift will support your favorite LCMS ministry.

For a simple will, a statement like the following is almost always sufficient:

I bequeath (dollar amount) or (percentage of my estate) to St Paul Lutheran Church,

17500 SW Cedarview Way, Sherwood, OR 97140

Stock Donations

St Paul Lutheran Church and Preschool has a stock receiving account set up especially to receiving stock gifts from members and friends. When your stock’s value has appreciated, please consider donating the dividend stocks to this account. I can provide the account information upon request.

*Info extracted and adapted from LCMS website

P.S. Please make a mental note if you ever need a Notary Public outside of banking hours to call            me –  Leslie Atiyeh 503.538.7560