Dear Saint Paul Lutheran School Alumni and friends,


Saint Paul Lutheran Church is offering a financial assistance program to assist families that wish to enroll their children at Saint Paul Lutheran School. We pray that you will join us in giving thanks to God for the good work that goes on every day at our school. Our teachers and staff share with over 100 students the love of Christ along with academic subjects. Saint Paul’s students perform outstandingly on academic tests and they grow in their relationship with Jesus.

When many students of the Sherwood community attended Saint Paul Lutheran School, cows were pasturing on the playground, onions and potatoes were growing nearby, many students spent their summer vacation harvesting Black Caps and Raspberries, helping bale hay and harvesting grain. Today much of that land has homes where it is growing God’s children! Isn’t that change wonderful for us all?!

Not all children who want to come to Saint Paul Lutheran School can afford to. That’s why we started the Tuition Angels Program with the goal of raising twenty thousand dollars this year. Praise to God we have raised over half of that for 2013-2014 school year.

As the 2013 calendar year comes to a close, we are asking you to consider donating to the Tuition Angels program so it may continue and be available for School Year 2014-2015. We will send you a 2013 Tax Donation Notice for your records. Please make your donation designation:

St. Paul Lutheran Church

Tuition Angels Fund


May God Bless Your Family Always,

Tuition Angels Advisory Committee

Wayne Dixon & Margaret Hampton