List will be posted on the VBS Needs Board June 16th

(Exact amounts will be posted on the Board)

Day 1 Heart Tarts

1-Flat of Strawberries to have fresh Jam

24- Loaves of “Natural Old Fashion Bread”

6- Large Heart Shape Cookie Cutters (3 “across)


Day 2 Edi-Buildings

Bags of cubed mild cheddar cheese

Bags of cubed Turkey

Bags of cubed Ham

Bags of Croutons


Day 3 Prayer Mix

Bags of Raisins

Bags of mini-marshmallows

Packages of Pretzel Sticks/Mini Pretzels

Packages of M & M’s

Boxes of Rice Chex Cereal


Day 4 Crown Rounds

Bags of Bagels

Packages of Cream Cheese

Flat of Fresh Blueberries


Day 5 Bright Bites

Ice Cream Cones

Packages of White Cake Mix

Containers of Cool Whip



900 Small Dessert Paper Plates

900 Paper Napkins

1000 small Drinking Cups

300 Sandwich Zip-lock Bags