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The Tipping Point – Pastor Don’s Newsletter Article Jan 2019

by Jill Richard

Tipping Point (noun): the critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place. If current trajectories continue, American churches will pass a tipping point. Our congregations will begin a likely unstoppable path toward decline that will rival many European churches of the past century. If […]

Final Election Results 2019

by Jill Richard

2019 OFFICERS President – Tim Grace Vice President – John Prehm Secretary -Terri Greene Treasurer – Leslie Atiyeh Church Financial Secretary – Karen Baldwin  2019 BOARDS Board of Trustees Tim Grace Glen Wetzel Bill Benz Charlie Jagow Dan Divine Board of Outreach Amy Ann Schmidt Ellen Kulle Chris Landtiser Anja Landtiser Board of Children, Youth, […]

A note from Pastor Rich – January 2019

by Jill Richard

Greetings in Christ Jesus Another year! What does 2019 have in store?  It is a good thingwe do not know.  God knows.  We must trust Him to provide and care for us.  HE loves us, so He will take care of us.  So, I can say “God’s blessings for the newyear!”  Our weekly Senior lunchtime […]