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Treasurer’s Report Jan 20, 2019

by Jill Richard

TREASURER’S REPORT from the January 20, 2019 Voter’s meeting     The Income Statement dated Dec 31, 2018 shows we are tracking the 2018-19 budgeted expenses overall, while a few categories will be over budget if they are trending rather than one-of expenses.   Our giving is higher than budgeted, due to a few contributions which came at […]

February 2019 From Your Congregational President

by Jill Richard

Declaring & Teaching – Jesus is Lord! Here we go, welcome to my first SPARK article.  It’s a little difficult to get started in writing an article for the SPARK. There was so much going on last month that I took a pass. So here’s my first article. Below is a summary of some of […]

A Note from Pastor Don Feb. 2019

by Jill Richard

Dear friends, The following is aslightly truncated letter recently emailed to me by our synod president, pastorMatthew Harrison. Even though January is “Sanctity of Human Life” month in the Christian Church, every month is a time to consider the state of affairs concerning abortion and euthanasia in this land. You may disagree with Pastor Harrison […]

A Note from Pastor Rich February 2019

by Jill Richard

Lydia celebrates her 100th birthday! Greetings in Christ Jesus,  The robins have arrived! Spring is on the way!  Daylight is longer!  What will the groundhog say?  Does it matter?  Not really. What matters is what God has to say. He reminds us that He is with us no matter what the weather.  He will not leave us […]