Dear friends,

The following is aslightly truncated letter recently emailed to me by our synod president, pastorMatthew Harrison. Even though January is “Sanctity of Human Life” month in the Christian Church, every month is a time to consider the state of affairs concerning abortion and euthanasia in this land. You may disagree with Pastor Harrison and those who share the same view or you may agree wholeheartedly. Whatever your persuasion on this matter, I would encourage you to read 1 Corinthians, particularly chapter six. My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Pastor Don

“In him was life, and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4).

On Jan. 22, 2019,the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion on demand, the governors of both New York and Illinois signed laws toextend and promote abortion.

“This is the evolution of humankind in America,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he signed the Reproductive Health Act into law. In Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzkersigned an executive order to ensure taxpayer funding of abortions, saying that it would make his state “the most progressive … in terms of women’s reproductive rights.”

Life, not death,is the goal of humanity. History testifies that death is never the meansthrough which justice and human rights prevail. We do not advance on the graves of our children. Germany, which sought eugenics as the solution to problems, now has strict abortion laws. To defend and support life is the goal of every just government, and the right to life is the hallmark of a good society.

Abortion is a lie. Science is on the side of life. We shall stand against the barbarism of abortion until our dying breath. Abortion is illogical, as we slaughter babies in the womb while developing ever-better care for other unborn children. Abortion contradicts the natural law written on human hearts that teaches us it is wrong to kill.

Lawmakers and bureaucrats in our country have become emboldened to force citizens to go against their conscience. People publicly celebrate laws that lead to thedeaths of children.

How long, O Lord, how long?

Our Christianfaith teaches us to value life and to love each and every person as ourneighbor. Love is life, and life is the great gift of love. Death is ournatural enemy. This can be seen in our lives and in our world each day. Eventhe birds that seek food in winter testify that life is the goal of theirmovements and their work. The flowers that grow toward the sun seek the lightthat enlivens them. We all live under God, who grants life to His whole creation.

And in the givingof His Son to be the Savior, God shows that He is the Lord of life. Jesus cameto love. He taught us to love all people, including those whom we consider ourenemies. He taught us to unconditionally love every person, even those whom this world considers unworthy of love.

Jesus not only taught us to love. He brought healing and wholeness to the broken. He proclaimed peace to those who were troubled. He sat with those who were excluded. He lifted up those who were beaten down. But most of all, He loved through the sacrifice of His own life on the cross. He died to forgive the sins of all humanity. His forgiveness is a free gift for all who trust in Him, including those who suffer from guilt for aborting their child. He rose on the third day.

The resurrectionof Jesus is God’s grand statement that life is the goal of this creation. The resurrection of Jesus proclaims that all creatures find the goal of their existence in life. Just as God raised Jesus from the dead, so we learn that God treasures life over death.

We live ascitizens in this world, and we seek to be obedient to our nation’s laws. We thank God for our leaders and for this great land He has given to us and forits precious freedoms and opportunities. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod advocates strong citizenship and active participation in government. We obey the laws of our land and encourage those around us to do so.

We are, however,bound by our conscience to speak against those laws that are unjust and,especially, those laws that violate God’s law and the natural law that bindsall mankind. Abortion and other means through which humans kill humans violate these natural and moral laws that form the foundation of society.

We will continue to work to love and support the women who face difficult choices or suffer from the consequences of abortion. We support young mothers who have chosen life for their children. We work to provide adoption and other opportunities to care for children in need. And we continue to show God’s mercy to all, just as He, in Jesus, has mercy on all.

We will work, love and pray that all might know the love of Jesus and trust in Him for salvation. “In him was life, and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4).

Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, President
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod


Gracious Father, as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are Your ways higher than our ways and Your thoughts higher than our thoughts. We do not understand the disregard for the work of Your hands and the wanton destruction of human life that has taken place through the atrocity of abortion. Bring an end to abortion, euthanasia, and all other legal means to unjustly take life. Instill in Your people love for life as is pleasing in Your sight. Grant wisdom andstrength of conviction to those who make, execute and administer our laws, thatthey might protect the unborn, the aged and all those whom they govern. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen.