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St. Paul Parent Testimonials

by Jill Richard

St Paul Preschool Testimonials – This is what parents are saying about St. Paul Preschool in Sherwood, Oregon. At St. Paul Preschool, we know that many of the families in Sherwood have had a child or knows a child who attended our preschool throughout the years. Below are some recent testimonials as to why St. […]

by admin

“Our daughter violet has been a student at St. Paul for the past two years and during that time we have seen her grow into a little girl that loves God, school learning.  The lessons she has had at St. Paul have been invaluable, and this year we opted to have her in all-day preschool […]

by admin

“Adley made a comment last night that he felt like St. Paul’s prepared him very well for Middle school.  He felt he was better prepared than many of his classmates this year, because of St. Paul.  St. Paul school has a strong curriculum with teachers who have high expectations.”