500th Anniversary of the ReformationOctober 31, 1517 – Nearly 500 years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther began the Lutheran Reformation with his posting of 95 theses regarding repentance and indulgences on the University church door in Wittenberg.

The theological truths that God led Luther to embrace and proclaim included:

Saved by grace alone
Through faith alone
By Christ alone

This great confidence of Luther’s has been the confidence of millions of Christians, both before and after his time. We rejoice to confess the same faith in Christ crucified, the only hope for sinful humanity.

The service  on October 29th at 4:00 pm will feature clergy and lay leaders of Circuits #7 & #9, including

 Liturgist – Rev. Nathan Brandt, Circuit #7 Visitor

 Preacher – Rev. Michael Warmbier, Circuit #9 Visitor

 Combined Choir led by Living Savior’s Director Dorothy Hochhalter

 Luther’s Ein Feste Burg performed by the Tualatin Symphony as part of Mendelsohn’s 5th Symphony

 Fellowship & food after the service

Bier & Brat Bites
A German finger-food time of refreshments will follow the service in Living Savior’s Celebration Center!

The Tualatin Symphony http://tualatinvalleysymphony.org/