Declaring & Teaching – Jesus is Lord!

Here we go, welcome to my first SPARK article.  It’s a little difficult to get started in writing an article for the SPARK. There was so much going on last month that I took a pass. So here’s my first article. Below is a summary of some of what has happened in January followed by a vision for something exciting for 2019, or should I say the vision that has been shared with me by the Holy Spirit.

In January (Saturday prior to Epiphany) several of us gathered in the sanctuary to take down the Christmas tree. As we were working Chuck asked an innocent question: “When are we going to do something about this carpet?” There was much discussion and the question begged for an answer so we started to think and talk about it. Jesse joined in the conversation and it went something like this… “Well if we wanted to replace the carpet we would need to take the pews out, and if we take the pews out that would mean that the sanctuary would be out of use for a period of time. If the pews came out we might want to work on cleaning them up and restoring the finish. Then we would probably want to also do something with the material on the cushions. Then maybe look at painting the ceiling and the walls because they also need refreshing.”

Fast forward to the council meeting a week and a half later where we had a very large group of officers and board chairpersons from 2018 and the incoming for 2019. Both pastors and a few others that were invited including several elders, another past president, and his spouse were also in attendance. We got a good sense of the things that we had done in 2018 and what we were looking to accomplish in 2019. During the meeting, the envisioned upgrades in the sanctuary also came up. It was unanimously agreed that the Church would benefit from some type of sanctuary restoration project. The anotherslightly abbreviated discussion also took place at the voter’s meeting where amotion was made to encourage the council to further look into such a projectfor the sanctuary. 

Pastor Don and I have agreed to have two congregational meetings in February. The first one will follow the second service on February 24th in the sanctuary and the second will take place at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, February 27th in the senior center. We are hoping everyone will be able to attend one of these meetings and provide some input as to what you would like to see happen in 2019. These meetings will also serve as aplace to have a discussion on options for funding a beautification project forour sanctuary. I’m hoping to get a letter out to the congregation detailing my thoughts on the options for funding this type of project. It may be that rather than sending a separate letter, I will provide a summary at the beginning of the February Congregational Meetings mentioned above. If additional meetings are required prior to the March voter’s meeting, they will be scheduled at the end of February. Otherwise, we will plan to vote on proceeding with this project, including how it will be funded, at the March voter’s meeting.

In His Service,