As another school year comes to a close, the preschoolers this past month have been looking at all the growth and changes that have happened this past year!
We talked about changes in locations; our Pre 4 Class attended Kindergarten Round-Up at their new schools for next year. The Pre 3 Class looked for changes in their surroundings when we went on our Spring Walk in the Grove. Our unit ended with the changes in the students as they are growing.

This month also completes our introduction to the Bible, from the Old Testament stories in the fall through the stories of the life of Christ and His plan to save us, to the stories of the Early Christian Church.
Our Bible stories have been told chronologically to help children understand that the Bible is one big story – God’s story of God’s love for us, His people, and our salvation through Jesus.
At the time of printing this SPARK, our preschoolers will have had their end-of-year program. We will celebrate through songs God’s grace in their lives this past year and the joy of knowing Jesus and encourage them to share the Good News with others.
May God bless your journey!
Kathy Prehm
Preschool Teacher