Integrating the Faith

All who have been brought to faith in Jesus Christ are Commissioned by Him to proclaim the Gospel-the Good News of the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, this proclamation changes lives and hearts and brings comfort and victory to people who are declared totally and unconditionally righteous for Christ’s sake.

As an important ministry of St. Paul Lutheran Church, our preschool helps fulfill each of our congregation’s five functions: education, worship, evangelism, fellowship, and service.

During my summer vacation from teaching, I will spend the next couple of months planning for next school year using these five functions as my guide with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Education – this occurs daily in all subjects to prepare preschoolers to serve God and people throughout their lives. To prepare for this service they are taught how to develop and use their abilities in further schooling and in life.

Worship – in a Christian School, worship is not confined to the daily Bible Story. This occurs throughout the day. Preschoolers grow in their prayers lives, learning to pray privately and corporately whenever needs or opportunities arise. Our pastor has a major role in proclaiming the Gospel through this ministry with weekly Chapel. Preschoolers lead and participate in worship through songs and hymns and liturgical forms common to us as Lutherans.

Evangelism – is always present for and through the Preschoolers who attend St. Paul Lutheran Church and School. They learn to witness naturally as the observe their teacher’s witness. Preschoolers of unchurched families hear the Good news of Jesus’ love and share it with their families and friends.

Fellowship – is enjoyed by all in the ministry of the preschool Community. Students and their families along with the entire staff accept one another as fellow members of the body of Christ. We play together, support and encourage each other, and witness to one another. Each knows that he or she is a valued, accepted, respected part of the St. Paul Lutheran Preschool community. The preschool community is valued as an important part of the larger congregational community and the body of Christ. The staff and students work together to maintain a classroom atmosphere of love and joy.

Service –  becomes a natural part of St. Paul Lutheran Preschool’s life. Children are led to help others, not only in school, but also at home, in the community, and the world. The staff will encourage Christ like compassion and love for all people. As a Christian School, we can serve our preschool families in various ways and help parents carry out their parental responsibilities thru Christian education.

Here at St. Paul we have a mission statement that reads…

Declaring and Teaching – Jesus is Lord!

These next few months as I prepare for next year I ask for your prayers that our Father gives me comfort and direction, be with me every day, and to help me share His love with my new students, and their families. Help me read, study and meditate on His Word. I love to teach it!

I rely on Your promise to stay beside me. Amen

Kathy Prehm

Preschool Teacher