from the January 20, 2019 Voter’s meeting

  1.     The Income Statement dated Dec 31, 2018 shows we are tracking the 2018-19 budgeted expenses overall, while a few categories will be over budget if they are trending rather than one-of expenses.
  •   Our giving is higher than budgeted, due to a few contributions which came at year-end and are possibly replacing other weekly/monthly giving. The budget was established with a slightly higher giving percentage from 2017-18.
  •     Per John Prehm’s analysis:   If we bring in exactly what we collected last year in the next 6 months and we spend exactly the same except factoring out District Mission, Youth expenses and property insurance as last year and then add 2% for inflation, we have a projected deficit of about $15,000 for this year.                                                                                                                                            
  •     Education Building Remodel fund: $733 is our monthly payment. Contributions to this specific fund (which is separate from building fund) exceed our payment obligation for the past 6 months. Obviously more donations are needed to create a cushion for the monthly payment. Please make a note specifying Ed Building Remodel on any extra giving for accurate accounting purposes.
  •      Preschool is on or below budget.
  •      The new A/V equipment has been paid for by a dedicated donation.
  •     The recent Stewardship program’s direct impact has not yet been realized in our accounting reports, but with consecutive year programs we hope to have a long-term impact.
  •     Treasurer appointed John Prehm as Assistant Treasurer and was approved at the 1/20/19 Voter’s Meeting.
  •      All dedicated donations for 2018 will be acknowledged in members’ annual statements this month.
  1. No immediate changes will be made to the systems in place. Thanks to Karen and her team for reliably and diligently recording most of our income.
  1. I would like to encourage all the committees with a budget to create a dream budget along with a reality budget. Please submit a draft by April.
  1. Special thanks to John Prehm for preparing most of the 6-month financial reports and for serving as Treasurer for 6 years.