I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, I know I did. The highlight of the Easter season for me was Good Friday. Not only did I have the day off and enjoyed it and the weather immensely, the Tenebrae Service that Pastor had Friday evening was phenomenal.

Thanks again to all those who participated in the survey and attended the March 31 voter’s meeting. The voters agreed that the trustees should look at possibly painting the ceiling in the sanctuary and sealing any cracks, replacing the fabric and cushions if required on the pews and getting three quotes to replace the carpet in the lower level of the church. The voters were against making any improvements to the kitchen.

The survey comments have been published with the voter’s agenda of March 31. There were a number of very good comments that had nothing to do with the beautification project for the sanctuary and lower level. One of those comments was that a better job be done in presenting the budget to the congregation so that it is understandable. To that end council will be holding a series of budget meetings to prepare our budget for the coming fiscal year. The first working session will be Thursday, April 25, which will be in the past by the time this article is published. There will be 2 to 3 additional meetings in May and early June in preparation for the council’s presentation of the budget to the voters at the end of June. Anyone that is interested is encouraged to attend any of these meetings to help develop our budget that reflects the congregation’s priorities for the coming year. We will try to get announcements into the bulletin or as part of the service announcements. Thank you all for your tithes and offerings that make everything at Saint Paul possible. With God all things are possible.

Another survey response came in the form of a very detailed letter that I received in an attachment to an email. The first comment addresses the previous question of … “What new things would you like to see the church do this year?” A suggestion was made to share the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ to the people residing in the city of Sherwood and the surrounding areas. This suggestion ties in very nicely with Pastor Don‘s initiative of outreach and evangelism and growing our church. This will be the focus of the church in the coming year.

My devotionals for today and this month’s article are along the lines of Pastor’s article last month, simply “Love One Another.” If you’re not already a regular reader of the portals of prayer devotionals, I encourage you to work that into your daily schedule. My days are so much better when I’m able to spend some time in the morning reading God‘s word.

That’s all for now.



P.S. In June, council will meet on the third Thursday. The voter’s meeting will be the Sunday following which is June 23. We will not have a voter’s meeting on the third Sunday as suggested in the constitution because it is Father’s Day.